bunny smile girl

The first time I knew her, she was so serious and sometimes I laugh at her to melted the situation, when we first met at Starbucks by telling a light jokes that made her smile, I was impressed by the achievements that she has made so far, how could she adjust with a situation that sometimes looks awkward at first by being talkative and friendly. I think I adore her, or maybe is it too fast to fall in love with her, the figure that I have always dreamed of, a figure who has been able to fill my days, makes me smile, and able to know who I am, to get better and better each day. For every word by word from her by telling me this is better or you should do this. My days are fascinating and yet pleasing when I was with her. For every big bunny smile that she shows was a motivation, I will continue to learn and guide her to follow our passion, our goals. From now on we don’t know what the future brings us but it is a time to provide the best potential that I have. This is not my love story, I am just telling where my mind and my heart command me to write this story, the point is don’t sell promise that you want to do anything for every person that you love, just give your best for every chance you have. Live like you will die tomorrow.