i launched a micro type design studio

I am very excited to announce the launch of our my long last micro type design studio site! After several months of hard work and support from my friends and family. I am happy to announce the official launch today! The brand new Tokotype’s site is available for everyone and the new URL https://www.tokotypefaces.com/

My goal with this new website is to give our visitors an easier way to purchase typefaces licenses, and also allows visitors to view and test our typefaces collections based on their own choices. The new site interactively provides better access to test typeface and other pages by changing the theme button from white to black or yellow and dynamically changing the size and feature of typefaces. The visitors will find useful information to getting know about us on each page of our site. Our custom case study case will highlight the services we have completed and the outline of the value created for each client as a result.

I hope you experiencing the new website with a fresh look, easy to access our typefaces and the future goals is to establish this setup as a source of the alternative typography solution especially for graphic designers, locally and globally.