processing the process

Here I am, sitting with a glass of iced coffee that I just bought today from a small coffee shop and also playing my favorite Drake playlist on Spotify. Okay, this is my point of view about something that we often go through, whether it is in life or about the disciplines we are engaged in, anything that might ultimately look similar but different.

I’m talking talk about the process, processing a process, whatever it is, we have been through a process either in a long time or short time, what we often forget is that we are always focused on the result, to change something, to be better, to be nicer. We never understand that everything we go through is a process, and the most important thing is a process for ourselves.

I have experienced the process of surviving in a bad neighborhood and my situation was not as good as now, I suffered from a high level of anxiety when I didn’t understand what I wanted, what I wanted to be or what I was going to be. I become someone like this because I go through the process of failure to become an accountant, failure to accepted in some of the jobs I want, and other failures in life, not because I want to be someone like now.

For example, sadness will arise when we grieve, someone that we love has left us, the feeling of surrender will arise, when our application rejected in a multi-national company, feel distrustful when the efforts we have done for months are not appreciated, and so on. 

How to process all of these things? the simple thing is we have to experiencing a failure, whatever that is considered a failure can make us appreciate a process without being directed to the end result that we want, but if we are focused on the end result and keep trying to change something from failure then we don’t need a process, just change what is considered to be a failure, and then we will continue like that, another failure that will appear again and again. The process will raise us up, empower us and create a new perspective, but you cannot let that happen again, you must accept it and fight for change.

we will be freer to respect and processing a process, we never know what we really want to change or aim, whether it’s a skill, a habit, or a personality, but if we understand what we should do, then the end result is not a top priority, but the time when we live it sincerely and more respectfully, of course with patience, like Master Yoda said,  “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan”.

After all, life begins again every time we don’t get what we want and that’s what should happen, the relation between failure and the process is the key for the amendment. Slow but sure!